Carpet Cleaning New Braunfels

Ugly carpets are not only embarrassing, but they’re also horrible for the health of your family and pets. Get Carpet cleaning by Baker Restoration and you’ll know why our customers love us. We use only the best steam cleaning machines that will instantly sanitize your carpets and have them looking clean and fresh within just a few moments.

Warranty questions

 A carpet cleaner who doesn’t offer a warranty most likely doesn’t have your best interest in mind. If they cared about your satisfaction and the quality of their work, they wouldn’t be afraid to mention it in person, prominently place it on their website, etc. What this means is that if you hire a carpet cleaner who doesn’t offer a warranty and they clean your carpet and a stain comes back, or you just aren’t satisfied with the level of clean, you can’t really call them up and have them come back to your home. That good deal from a carpet cleaner without a warranty could end up costing you double. Once from the carpet cleaner, and then a second time to have another cleaner fix the problems caused by the first.

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